About Wonderstruck Music

Who are we?

We are a creative duo from the Netherlands. Adam (DJ Weetos) is a music enthusiast with DJ skills and he has a keen eye for the subtleties in song making. Adam is someone who pinpoints the quirky details that define our arrangements.  Furthermore, Adam's sense of humor oozes from the compositions he makes and also the songs we make as a duo.

Ralf Neels (Lagacy-X) is a bass player who has 30 + years of live music experience and 20 + years of sound engineering under his belt. Recently (since 2017/2018) he started creating electronic dance music together with his partner Adam. It was time for Ralf to explore other experiences than contemporary rock music as a member of a band. 

Together, they formed the artis duo DJ Weetos & Legacy-X. Wonderstruck music is their enterprise umbrella name.


Now (in 2023) the time has come to publish and promote the music that we love so much.

Our first mission is to have as much fun in making music as we can, so we are setting this goal before anything else (like getting wealthy or become famous). We will publish our work here for our fans to enjoy!

Secondary mission is to involve ourselves and other fellow artists to enjoy each others creations and maybe even collaborate with each other to make something entirely new.  

We founded Wonderstruck Music as a digital conduit to initiate projects that will bring joy and creativity to the music realm. How that is achieved is entirely dependent on the idea and wishes of the individuals that are involved.

We will publish these initiatives or projects on this website in due time. But, we will grow in baby steps and we go for quality, not quantity. We seek organic online growth and offline relations with likeminded souls. We support initiatives that resonate with our vibes.


Feel free to contact us by email: djwlgcx@gmail.com or on Facebook: DJ Weetos & Legacy-X