DJ Weetos & Legacy-X



We are a duo from the Netherlands. We make electronic music with a big wink. Our creative process is playful and intuitive. We emphasize on having fun during the creation of tracks. Enjoy the fruits of our labor! See also our About page on the website.


You can support us directly on Bandcamp by buying and downloading our music. You can listen to our songs offline in high resolution quality. Thank you sincerely for your support!


First single: Voodoo from DJ Weetos & Legacy-X is now available on Spotify. Please follow us and share the song in your playlists. Thank you for your support!



Meet the Voodoo Lady. You are bound to her spell and her vigorous grip on you through the occult ways of Voodoo. She will trap you into submission if she gets hold of you. All she needs is a small piece of you. Can you escape her grip, her Voodoo games? 

My Darling

This song is about pulling your strength from somewhere inside you, from a place with infinite potential.


The dance of the bird of paradise. The eccentric figures of speech brought to life. The dare devil song. Make the leap of faith in your life!


Somehow, Amsterdam is the place to be when you are visiting the Netherlands as a tourist. Is this because Amsterdam has the reputation of Sin City? Explore the canals, night clubs and the Red Light District and find out.

Don't care 'nuff

Is it a love song or a road movie? Or is it both? How does it end? Does it end well? All these questions need to be answered, so you have to see this video!

Iron Soul

The song about spending your youth exploring music, friends, relationships, using party drugs to suddenly realize you have other needs as you grow older. It is time to cast your the iron suit off your soul and let it shine!

Dance your FF#ing Head Off

The song is about the rare moments in life when you really feel alive and kicking. The moments where you are electric and full of energy. It can be on the dancefloor or jumping out of an airplane (do not forget your parachute, because that would just be stupid, right?)

Hardcore Elevator music

A song about climbing up in life, but not without the occasional falling down the stairs hard. Just take this elevator music for a more uplifting experience. Enjoy the video and don't forget to smile!


An intergalactic journey into the deepness of space. Space travel with the magic duo that conquered the cartoon realm by storm. This is a tribute to the Gazorpians throughout the galaxy!


Can you name what is Drumatical in your life? It is drama with a bit of music attached. Not the worst drama. It can be a hangover or regret about a one night stand. You always remember it when you hear the song that was playing when it happened.  that song will bring back the memory. Have you learned anything from that experience?

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